Download Skycure iOS app configuration policy

Applies to: Intune in the classic portal
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Before you begin

You need to log in to the Skycure Management Console to perform the next steps.


If using Microsoft Internet explorer 11 or Edge, you might need to open the Skycure Management console using In-Private mode.

To download the iOS app configuration policy

  1. Go to Skycure Management Console.

  2. Enter your Skycure admin credentials, then click Continue.

    Skycure Management console login


    The Skycure admin username is an e-mail account that must be a valid user account in the Azure Active Directory, otherwise the login will fail. Skycure uses Azure Active Directory to authenticate its admin username using Single Sign On (SSO).

  3. Go to Settings > Device Management Integrations > EMM Integration Selection, choose Microsoft Intune, then save your selection.

  4. Click on the Integration setup files link and save the generated *.zip file. The .zip file contains the skycure_configuration.plist file, which will be used to create the iOS app configuration policy in the Intune classic portal.

Skycure Integration setup files

Next steps

Add Skycure apps, Microsoft Authenticator app and the iOS configuration policy