Navigate your dashboard

Your dashboard is the main landing page for Intune for Education. It's where you begin every time you log in to the portal, and it's the starting point to manage your users, apps, and devices.

The dashboard screen, which shows express configuration, school data sync, manage user and device groups, and manage app tiles.

Start your tasks

Click any of the following tiles to jump into essential device management tasks:

  • Launch Express Configuration
  • School Data Sync
  • Manage user and device groups
  • Manage apps

Some tiles, such as School Data Sync and Manage apps, will update to show configuration status and current app inventory.

Options in the side-bar

Every page in Intune for Education has a sidebar, which shows a list of categories related to managing users, apps, and devices in your school.

The default setup for the left-hand sidebar, which lists Express configuration, groups, apps, Enrollment Managers, take a test profiles, alerts, reports, tenant settings, terms of use settings, and see all, which will pop out to allow modification of this default list of tasks.

Pin service to sidebar

To see a list of everything you can do in Intune for Education, click All services. Click the star next to a service to favorite it and pin in to the sidebar. Click the star again to remove it from the sidebar.

The service menu pop-out, which has all available settings in a list.

Reorganize sidebar

To change the order of services in the sidebar, go to the sidebar and hover over the right-side of service link. Click and drag the three vertical dots to reposition the service.

The three dots that appear on hover are next to one of the list items. The cursor changes to a select option.

Collapse and expand sidebar

To collapse the sidebar so that only icons are visible, go to the top of the page and click the left-pointing arrows. Select the right-pointing arrows to expand the menu.