Installing the Company Portal app for Windows 10

When you install the Company Portal app and then use the app to enroll your Windows 10 Enterprise or Professional device in Intune, you can then use the Company Portal app to:

  • Access the company’s network, and your email and work files.

  • Get company apps from the Company Portal.

  • Automatically set up your company email account.

  • Reset your phone to factory settings if it is lost or stolen.

When you're ready to install Company Portal and enroll your device, see Get started with Windows enrollment.

When you add a computer:

  • Software will be installed on your computer to let your company support manage the computer, and to let you access company resources like apps and support information. Your company support might automatically update this software.

  • Intune Endpoint Protection might be installed on your computer. This software checks for viruses and malware.

  • Your company support can take an inventory of all of the software installed on the computer, including software you have personally installed.

  • You might be required to accept terms and conditions.

  • Your company support can collect or delete data from your computer’s hard drive. Your company support might also delete the entire hard drive.

  • Your company support can install apps and updates on your computer.

  • Your company support might enforce policies on the computer. For example, you might be required to set a password or PIN on the computer. Your company support might also limit how many times you can enter an incorrect password, and might lock you out of the computer or delete all data from your computer’s hard drive if you try too many times.

If you have questions, contact your company support. For contact information, check the Company Portal website.