Enroll your macOS device in Intune with the Company Portal app

Getting access to your organization’s apps, data, and resources makes it easier for you to do your job. Your organization is using Intune to manage access to those resources, which requires you to download the Company Portal app for macOS. These instructions will work for macOS devices on OS X El Capitan 10.11+.

  1. On your Dock, find Safari and open a new window, then open the Company Portal website.

  2. Log into the Company Portal website with your work or school account.


    Make sure you're using the right passwords in the right places. Your work or school account password may be different from the password you use to sign in to your device, and one device could have a different password than another. If you're having trouble with your passwords, contact your company support for help.

  3. After logging in, click on the Menu in the top left corner of the page and select My Devices.

    A screenshot of the landing page for the web portal with the web portal showing that no apps can be installed yet, with a My Devices button underneath.

  4. On the My Devices page, you will either see a list of enrolled devices or simply a banner. This depends on if you already have a device enrolled, macOS or otherwise. To enroll a device that is not listed, select the banner that says If your device is listed, tap here to identify it. You can also tap here to enroll your device if it is not listed. If you don't have any enrolled devices, the banner will read You don't have any devices enrolled. Enroll this one by tapping here.

    A screenshot of the My Device page, with a couple of unidentified devices above the banner prompt to enroll unlisted devices or identify unidentified ones.

  5. Download the Company Portal app to your macOS device to continue enrolling.

    The notice that prompts a user to download the macOS Company Portal app. This notice has the text listed in the step above a button that says "Download" in the bottom right corner.

  6. Your Mac will check to make sure that the download of CompanyPortal.pkg is safe to open. Open the installer and go through the install process.

  7. When the installer has finished, open your Applications folder or the Launchpad, then open Company Portal.

  8. Your Mac will show you a message that says, "CompanyPortal" is an application downloaded from the Internet. Are you sure you want to open it? Click Open.


    Intune needs access to your computer to make sure that your device is secure enough to access your organization's resources. If your computer refuses to open the Company Portal app, try turning off Gatekeeper and then opening the app.

  9. The first screen you see in the Company Portal app prompts you to Sign In with the same work or school account you used to log in to the Company Portal website.

  10. The Company Portal confirms your account information, then shows you your Device Enrollment and Device Compliance statuses. There will be yellow triangles letting you know that you have actions you need to take to make sure your Mac is safe for use at work. Click Begin to start enrolling your device into management.

  11. Your Mac will begin enrolling into management. You might be prompted to provide your computer's login information during this time. This may take a few minutes to enroll. During this time, you can do other things on your computer. A message appears once you've completed Company Access Setup to let you know you're done.

Still need help? Check in with your company support. You can find their contact information on the Company Portal website.