Use managed devices to get work done

Microsoft Intune is a piece of software that lets organizations manage devices (like smartphones, tablets, and PCs), apps, and other corporate resources like email. This gets employees access to their work information from virtually anywhere on almost any device while helping to keep corporate information secure.

When you enroll a device into management with Intune, your IT department can manage those work or school resources, keep the device more secure, while giving you, their employee, the freedom to use your preferred device to get your work done. A primary way this is done is by enrolling the device into management through the Company Portal.

What information can my company see when I enroll my device in Intune?

Your company's support can see information that is relevant to work, but not to your personal information. This is especially important to know if you're enrolling a personal device for use at work. We break down what they can and can't see in the next article in the user help.

How do I get the Company Portal?

You can get the Company Portal two different ways:

  • By installing the Company Portal app on your device. You typically get the Company Portal app by going to the app store on your device, but your company support can also install the Company Portal app for you.
  • By going to the Company Portal website that your company support set up.

What's the difference between the app and the website?

There are a few minor differences between the Company Portal app and the Company Portal website, but you can do most of the same tasks on both. Some tasks you can do are:

  • Enroll your devices into management
  • See the status of your devices
  • Download recommended and required apps for your organization
  • Rename your device
  • Reset your device's PIN or password
  • Contact your IT department for help

To see what you can do by using the Company Portal website versus what you can do by using the Company Portal app on your device, choose one of the following links:

What happens when you add a computer or device to the Company Portal?

When you add a computer or device to the Company Portal, some software might be installed or an app might be downloaded (depending on the device). You are also giving your company support permission to manage your device to help protect the company information on the device.

To learn about what your company support can and can't see on your device, use the link that matches the type of device you're using:

What kind of computers or devices can you add to the Company Portal?

  • Apple devices using iOS (such as iPhone and iPad) and macOS (such as MacBook and iMac)
  • Android devices
  • Windows devices
    • Windows 10 Mobile
    • Windows 10 Desktop
    • Windows Phone 8.1
    • Windows 8.1

Can you remove a computer or device from the Company Portal?

You can either remove or reset a computer or device from the Company Portal. There is a difference between remove and reset.

When you remove a computer or device from the Company Portal, you are unenrolling your device from Intune. Once you unenroll, you won’t be able to access the Company Portal from that device anymore, and some company data might be removed from your device. To see how to remove your device from the Company Portal, choose one of the following links:

When you reset a computer or device, the Company Portal tries to reset your computer or device back the manufacturer’s default settings. Resetting your device removes all company and personal data from the device! If you have lost your device, you can also reset it remotely from the Company Portal website.

You can find out how to reset your device here:

What if I can't see my device in the Company Portal?

For you to be able to see a device, it must first be added to the Company Portal. Go to whichever Company Portal was recommended by your admin and follow the steps for your device. You also won’t see devices that are owned and managed by your company.

Where else can I go for help?

Microsoft recommends that you first try to see if you can fix your issue yourself. We provide a list of ways you can try to resolve issues you may run into for each platform that Intune supports.

You can post a comment below to ask for help, but every organization has different requirements, so we may not always be able to answer your questions. Reaching out to your company support for help is likely to get you the quickest and most relevant response. Their contact information should be available on the Company Portal website.