What information can my company see when I enroll my device?

When you enroll a device into management, you are giving your company permission to view certain pieces of information on your device to help protect the corporate data on the device.

What your company can never see

  • Calling and web browsing history
  • Email and text messages
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Passwords
  • Pictures, including what's in the photos app or camera roll

What your company can always see

  • Device model, like iPhone 7
  • Manufacturer, like Microsoft
  • Operating system, like Android 7.1
  • App names, like Microsoft Word
  • Device owner
  • Device name
  • Serial number

What your company might be able to see

  • Phone number: for Corporate-owned devices, your full phone number can be seen. For Personal-owned devices, just the last four digits of your phone number are visible to your company. You can see the Ownership Type for each individual device by opening that device's Device Details page.
  • Location: your company can never see your device's location, except if you have an iOS device that is supervised and has gotten lost. How do I know?