Deploying apps using Intune on the GCC High and DoD Environments

Microsoft Intune can be used by tenant administrators to distribute apps to their workforce. The workforce is the company employee, the users of the apps. There are many types of apps that can be deployed from Intune on GCC High or DoD environments. If an administrator needs to upload and distribute a Windows app intended for a GCC High or DoD audience that is custom-made, created by third-party vendors, or as an offline app downloaded from the Microsoft Store for Business, the admin can choose to distribute it as a line-of-business app.


For commercial environments, a tenant admin can sync their Store for Business with Intune, however for GCC High and DoD environments, this service is not available. Admins in this situation must deploy an app by uploading directly to Intune.

Add line-of-business apps using Intune

To add a line-of-business app intended for a GCC High or DoD environment using Intune, you can follow the Windows LOB app instructions. You may choose to deploy the Company Portal first from the Microsoft Store for Business. If you choose to use the Company Portal, you can manually install and deploy the Company Portal. For more information, see How to configure the Microsoft Intune Company Portal app.

Distribute Offline Apps from the Store for Business using Intune

If you need to download an offline-licensed app from the Microsoft Store for Business, follow these steps to download the application:

  1. Sign in to the Store for Business.
  2. Select Manage > Settings.
  3. Under Shopping Experience, set Show offline apps to On.

When shopping for apps, if an offline version is available, you can choose to change the license type to offline. After getting the app, you can then manage it by selecting Manage > Products & Services in the Store for Business. Additionally, you can download the app and its dependencies. Then, you can deploy this downloaded app (and its dependencies) to users using Intune.

Syncing Intune to the Store for Business

In a commercial (non-government) environment, an admin can sync Intune to the Microsoft Store for Business. This is not an available feature on the government environments. For details about differences between Intune in commercial environments and Intune for government environments, see Enterprise Mobility + Security for US Government Service Description.

To sync Intune to your Store for Business account, see How to manage apps you purchased from the Microsoft Store for Business with Microsoft Intune.


Review the privacy and compliance statements of apps and compare them to the compliance, security and privacy requirements of your organization when assessing the appropriate use of these services.

Next steps

To learn more about deploying and assigning apps, see Assign apps to groups with Microsoft Intune.