Monitor app information and assignments with Microsoft Intune

Intune provides several ways to monitor the properties of apps that you manage and to manage app assignment status.

  1. Sign in to Intune.
  2. In the Intune pane, select Client apps.
  3. In the Manage section of the menu, select Apps.
  4. In the list of apps, select an app to monitor. You'll then see the app pane, which includes an overview of the device status and the user status.


Android Store apps that are deployed as Available do not report their installation status.

For Managed Google Play apps deployed to Android Enterprise work profile devices, you can view the status and version number of the app installed on a device using Intune.

App overview pane

In the app pane, you can review details about the status of an app in your environment.


The Essentials section contains the following information about the app:

App details Description
Publisher The publisher of the app.
Operating system The app operating system (Windows, iOS, Android, and so on).
Created The date and time when this revision was created. Note: This date value is updated when an IT admin changes app metadata, such as changing the app category or app description.
Assigned Whether the app has been assigned (Yes or No).

Device and user status graphs

The graphs show the number of apps for the following status:

Device status Description
Installed The number of apps installed.
Not Installed The number of apps not installed.
Failed The number of failed installations.
Install Pending The number of apps that are in the process of being installed.
Not Applicable The number of apps for which status is not applicable.


Be aware that Android LOB apps (.APK) deployed as Available with or without enrollment only report app installation status for enrolled devices. App installation status is not available for devices that are not enrolled in Intune.

Device install status

A device status list is shown when you select Device install status in the Monitor section of the menu. The details table includes the following columns:

Device column Description
Device name The name of the device on platforms that allow naming a device. On other platforms, Intune creates a name from other properties. This attribute isn't available to any other device.
User name The name of the user.
Platform The operating system of the device (Windows, iOS, Android, and so on).
Version The version number of the app. For line-of-business (LOB) apps and Microsoft Store for Business apps, the full version number of the app is shown. The full version number identifies a specific release of the app. The number appears as Version(Build). For example, 2.2(2.2.17560800). For standard Store apps, no versions are shown.
Status The status of the app.
Status details The details of the status.
Last check-in The date of the device's last sync with Intune.

User install status

A user status list is shown when you select User install status in the Monitor section of the menu. The details table includes the following columns:

User column Description
Name The name of the user in Azure Active Directory.
User name The unique name of the user.
Installations The number of apps installed by the user.
Failures The number of failed app installations for the user.
Not installed The number of apps not installed by the user.

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