Microsoft Intune custom device settings for devices running iOS

Use the Microsoft Intune iOS custom profile to assign settings that you created by using the Apple Configurator tool to iOS devices. This tool lets you create many settings that control the operation of these devices and export them to a configuration profile. You can then import this configuration profile into an Intune iOS custom profile and assign the settings to users and devices in your organization.

This capability allows you to assign iOS settings that are not configurable with other Intune profile types.

  1. Use the instructions in How to configure custom device settings in Microsoft Intune to get started.
  2. On the Custom Configuration Profile pane, configure each of the following settings:
  • Custom configuration profile name - Provide a name for the policy as displayed on the device, and in Intune status.
  • Configuration profile file - Browse to the configuration profile that you created by using the Apple Configurator. Ensure that the settings you export from the Apple Configurator tool are compatible with the version of iOS on the devices to which you assign the iOS custom policy. For information about how incompatible settings are resolved, search for Configuration Profile Reference and Mobile Device Management Protocol Reference on the Apple Developer website.

The file you imported is displayed in the File contents area of the pane.