Microsoft Intune custom device settings for devices running Windows Phone 8.1

Use the Microsoft Intune Windows Phone 8.1 Custom profile to assign OMA-URI settings that can be used to control features on Windows Phone 8.1 devices. These are standard settings that many mobile device manufacturers use to control device features.

This capability is intended to allow you to assign settings that are not configurable with other Intune policies.

Custom policy settings for Windows Phone 8.1 devices

  1. Use the instructions in How to configure custom device settings in Microsoft Intune to get started.

  2. On the Custom OMA-URI Settings pane, choose Add to add one or more OMA-URI settings.

  3. On the Add Row pane, configure the following values for each setting:

    • Name - Enter a unique name for the OMA-URI setting to help you identify it in the list of settings.
    • Description - Provide a description that gives an overview of the setting and other relevant information to help you locate it.
    • OMA-URI - Specify the OMA-URI you want to supply a setting for.
    • Data type - Select the data type in which to specify this OMA-URI setting. Choose from String, String (XML), Date and time, Integer, Floating point, Boolean, or Base64.
    • Value - Enter the value or file you want to associate with the OMA-URI you entered.
  4. Click OK once you are done, then continue to add more settings as required.