Monitoring and reports with Microsoft Intune

Nathan Bigman

As an IT Administrator, you want to monitor the status of devices in your organization. Microsoft Intune provides two ways that you can monitor these devices, as well as software license status and actions that affect devices (such as wiping a device).

  • Reports help you to monitor the status of devices managed by Intune (including software update status, software installed, and certificate compliance). These reports also let you examine the hardware and software inventory collected by devices and computers.

  • Alerts help you to monitor the health of devices managed by Intune (including Endpoint Protection status and warnings, to alert you to malware; and warnings related to scarcity of disk space or network connectivity).

  • Devices and computers that are managed by Intune return detailed information about their properties and installed software. Intune gives you tools and reports to examine and present this data. For details, see Understand your devices with inventory in Microsoft Intune.

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