Reference for User entity

The Users category contains the user entity that defines user properties in the data model.


The user entity lists all the Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) users with assigned licenses in your enterprise.

The user entity collection contains user data. These records include user states during the data collection period, even if the user has been removed. For example, a user may be added to Intune and then removed during the course of the last month. While this user is not present at the time of the report, the user and state are present in the data from the prior month. You could create a report that would show the duration of the user's historic presence in your data.

Property Description Example
userKey Unique identifier of the user in the data warehouse - surrogate key. 123
userId Unique identifier of the user - similar to UserKey, but is a natural key. b66bc706-ffff-7437-0340-032819502773
userEmail Email address of the user.
userPrincipalName User principal name of the user.
displayName Display name of the user. John
intuneLicensed Specifies if this user is Intune licensed or not. True/False
isDeleted Indicates whether all of the user's licenses have expired and whether the user was therefore removed from Intune. For a single record, this flag does not change. Instead, a new record is created for a new user state. True/False
RowLastModifiedDateTimeUTC Date and time in UTC when the record was last modified in the data warehouse 11/23/2016 0:00

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