Reset or remove a device passcode in Intune

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This document discusses both device level passcode reset as well as work profile passcode reset on Android enterprise (formerly called Android for Work, or AfW) devices. It is important to note this distinction as requirements for each can vary. A device level passcode reset resets the passcode for the entire device. A work profile passcode reset resets the passcode only for the user’s work profile on Android enterprise devices.

Supported platforms for device level passcode reset

Platform Supported?
Android devices on version 6.x or earlier Yes
Android enterprise devices in kiosk mode Yes
iOS devices Yes
Android devices enrolled with a work profile No
Android devices on version 7.0 or later No
macOS No
Windows No

For Android devices, this effectively means that device level passcode reset is only supported on devices running 6.x or earlier, or on Android enterprise devices running in Kiosk mode. This is because Google removed support for resetting an Android 7 device’s passcode/password from within a Device Administrator granted app and applies to all MDM vendors.

Supported platforms for Android enterprise work profile passcode reset

Platform Supported?
Android enterprise devices enrolled with a work profile and running version 8.0 and later Yes
Android enterprise devices enrolled with a work profile and running version 7.x and earlier No
Android devices running version 7.x and earlier No
iOS No
macOS No

To create a new work profile passcode, use the Reset Passcode action. This action prompts a passcode reset and creates a new, temporary passcode for the work profile only.

Reset a passcode

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal with any of the following roles: Azure Active Directory Global Admin, Azure Active Directory Intune Service Admin, Helpdesk Operator, or Role Administrator. For a full list of roles and permissions, see the Intune RBAC Table.
  2. Select All services, filter on Intune, and then select Microsoft Intune.
  3. Select Devices, and then select All devices.
  4. From the list of devices you manage, select a device, and choose ...More. Then choose the Remove passcode device remote action.

Reset Android work profile passcodes

Supported Android Enterprise devices enrolled with a work profile receive a new managed profile unlock password or a managed profile challenge for the end user.

For Android Enterprise devices running version 8.x or later and enrolled with a work profile, end users get notified to activate their reset passcode right after enrollment is completed. The notification is displayed if a work profile password is required and set. Once their passcode is entered, the notification is dismissed.

Remove iOS passcodes

Instead of being reset, passcodes are removed from iOS devices. If there's a passcode compliance policy set, the device will prompt the user to set a new passcode in Settings.

Next steps

To see the status of the action you just took, in Devices, select Device actions.