Provide remote assistance for Intune managed devices

Intune can use the TeamViewer software, purchased separately, to enable you to give remote assistance to users of devices you manage. Use the information in this topic to get started.

Before you start

Supported devices

Intune-managed Android and Windows devices support remote administration.


Windows Holographic (HoloLens), Windows Team (Surface Hub) and Windows 10 S are not supported by the TeamViewer software.

Required permissions

Ensure that the user of the Azure portal has the following permissions assigned to them as an Intune role:

  • To let the admin modify the TeamViewer connector settings, grant the Update Remote Assistance permission.
  • To let the admin initiate a new remote assistance request, grant the Request Remote Assistance permission. Users with the Request Remote Assistance permission can request to initiate a session for any user. They are not limited by any Intune role assignment scope. Intune role assignment scopes do not limit the devices or users for which Remote Assistance requests can be initiated.


By enabling TeamViewer, you are allowing the TeamViewer for Intune Connector to create TeamViewer sessions, read Active Directory data, and save the TeamViewer account access token.

Configure the Intune TeamViewer connector

Before you can provide remote assistance to devices, you must configure the Intune TeamViewer connector, using the following steps:

  1. Sign into the Azure portal.
  2. Choose More Services > Monitoring + Management > Intune.
  3. On the Intune blade, choose Devices.
  4. On the Devices and groups blade, choose Setup > TeamViewer Connector.
  5. On the TeamViewer Connector blade, click Enable, then view and accept the TeamViewer service license agreement.
  6. Choose Log in to TeamViewer & Authorize.
  7. A web page opens to the TeamViewer site. Enter your TeamViewer license credentials, and then click Sign In.

How to remotely administer a device

  1. Sign into the Azure portal.
  2. Choose More Services > Monitoring + Management > Intune.
  3. On the Intune blade, choose Devices.
  4. On the Devices blade, choose Manage > All devices.
  5. Select the device that you want to remotely administer, and then, on the device properties blade, choose More > New Remote Assistance Session.
  6. After Intune connects to the TeamViewer service, you'll see some information about the device. Choose Connect to start the remote session.

Android TeamViewer example

In the TeamViewer window, you can perform a range of remote actions on the device, including remote control of the device. For full details of the actions you can perform, see the TeamViewer documentation.

When you are finished, close the TeamViewer window.

Next steps

An end user sees a notification flag on the Company Portal app icon on their device, and also sees a notification when they open the app. They can then accept the remote assistance request.