Enroll your Android Enterprise dedicated devices or fully managed devices

After you've set up your Android Enterprise dedicated devices or fully managed devices in Intune, you can enroll the devices. Intune enrollment for both dedicated devices and fully managed devices start with a factory reset. How you enroll your Android Enterprise devices depends on the operating system.

Enrollment method Minimum Android OS version for dedicated and fully managed devices
Near Field Communication 5.1
Token entry 6.0
QR code 7.0
Zero Touch 8.0*

* On participating manufacturers.

Enroll by using Near Field Communication (NFC)

For devices that support NFC, you can provision your devices by creating a specially formatted NFC tag. You can use your own app or any NFC tag creator tool. For more information, see C-based Android Enterprise device enrollment with Microsoft Intune and Google's Android Management API documentation.

Enroll by using a token

For Android 6 and later devices, you can use the token to enroll the device. Android 6.1 and later versions can also leverage QR code scanning when using the afw#setup enrollment method.

  1. Turn on your wiped device.
  2. On the Welcome screen, select your language.
  3. Connect to your Wifi and then choose NEXT.
  4. Accept the Google Terms and conditions and then choose NEXT.
  5. On the Google sign-in screen, enter afw#setup instead of a Gmail account, and then choose NEXT.
  6. Choose INSTALL for the Android Device Policy app.
  7. Continue installation of this policy. Some devices may require additional terms acceptance.
  8. On the Enroll this device screen, allow your device to scan the QR code or choose to enter the token manually.
  9. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete enrollment.

Enroll by using a QR code

On Android 7 and later devices, you can scan the QR code from the enrollment profile to enroll the device.


Browser zoom can cause devices to not be able to scan QR code. Increasing the browser zoom resolves the issue.

  1. To launch a QR read on the Android device, tap multiple times on the first screen you see after a wipe.
  2. For Android 7 and 8 devices, you'll be prompted to install a QR reader. Android 9 and later devices already have a QR reader installed.
  3. Use the QR reader to scan the enrollment profile QR code and then follow the on-screen prompts to enroll.

Enroll by using Google Zero Touch

To use Google's Zero Touch system, the device must support it and be affiliated with a supplier that is part of the service. For more information, see Google’s Zero Touch program website.

  1. Create a new Configuration in the Zero Touch console.

  2. Choose Microsoft Intune from the EMM DPC dropdown.

  3. In Google’s Zero Touch console, copy/paste the following JSON into the DPC extras field. Replace the YourEnrollmentToken string with the enrollment token you created as part of your enrollment profile. Be sure to surround the enrollment token with double quotes.

        "android.app.extra.PROVISIONING_DEVICE_ADMIN_COMPONENT_NAME": "com.google.android.apps.work.clouddpc/.receivers.CloudDeviceAdminReceiver",
        "android.app.extra.PROVISIONING_DEVICE_ADMIN_SIGNATURE_CHECKSUM": "I5YvS0O5hXY46mb01BlRjq4oJJGs2kuUcHvVkAPEXlg",
        "android.app.extra.PROVISIONING_DEVICE_ADMIN_PACKAGE_DOWNLOAD_LOCATION": "https://play.google.com/managed/downloadManagingApp?identifier=setup",
        "android.app.extra.PROVISIONING_ADMIN_EXTRAS_BUNDLE": {
            "com.google.android.apps.work.clouddpc.EXTRA_ENROLLMENT_TOKEN": "YourEnrollmentToken"
  4. Choose Apply.

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