Compare managing Windows PCs as computers or mobile devices

Applies to: Intune in the classic portal


Legacy PC management is going out of support on October 15, 2020. Upgrade devices to Windows 10 and reenroll them as MDM devices to keep them managed by Intune.

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Organizations can use Microsoft Intune to manage Windows PCs either as mobile devices with mobile device management (MDM) or as computers with the Intune software client. Microsoft recommends that customers use the MDM management solution whenever possible. To help you better understand the differences between these options, however, the following chart compares the two management options.

Capability / Scenario Windows as Computer
Intune software client
Windows as Mobile Device
Operating systems Windows 10, Windows 8+, Windows 7, Windows Vista Windows 10+
Intune Portal support Silverlight console Azure portal
Conditional Access Not available Available
What is Conditional Access?
Bulk enrollment Not available Available
Bulk enrollment for Windows devices
Device profiles Not available Available
What are Microsoft Intune device profiles?
Agentless enrollment Not available Available
Enroll Windows devices
Software update management Windows Updates and Microsoft app updates
Keep Windows PCs up-to-date with software updates
Microsoft Store for Business for both Windows 10 and Microsoft apps updates
Configure Windows Update for Business settings
Software license management Available
Manage license agreements for Windows PC software
Microsoft Store for Business (.appx apps only)
Manage apps purchased from the Microsoft Store for Business
Inventory Available
View hardware and software inventory for Windows PCs
How to monitor app information
What is device management
Windows Firewall policy Available
Help protect Windows PCs using Windows Firewall policies
Microsoft Defender Firewall
Anti-malware protection Endpoint Protection
Help secure Windows PCs with Endpoint Protection
Microsoft Defender
Enable Microsoft Defender
Remote assistance TeamViewer
Request and provide remote assistance for Windows PCs
Use TeamViewer to remotely administer Intune devices
App deployment Not available for Microsoft Store for Business,
.exe, .appx, and multi-file .msi only
Add apps for Windows PCs that run the Intune software client
Available for Microsoft Store apps and line-of-business apps
How to add Windows store apps
How to add Windows line-of-business (LOB) apps
App protection Not available Available
What are app protection policies?
Health attestation Not available Available

Advantages of MDM Windows PC management

Windows PC management with modern mobile device management has the following advantages:

  • Scalability - MDM management scales with Intune cloud management. The Intune software client is limited to 7000 PCs.
  • Simplicity - Uses modern management capabilities included in the operating system without relying on a downloaded software client
  • Consistency - Your Windows PCs are managed like all other mobile devices in your organization