How to get support for Microsoft Intune

Applies to: Intune
This topic applies to Intune in both the Azure portal and the classic portal.

Microsoft provides global technical, pre-sales, billing, and subscription support for Microsoft Intune. Support is available both online and by phone for paid and trial subscriptions. Online technical support is available in English and Japanese. Phone support and online billing support are available in additional languages.


For technical support with products that work with Intune but not made by Microsoft, for example Saaswedo, Cisco, or Lookout, contact the supplier of that product first. Before you open a request with Intune support, ensure you configured the other product correctly.

Create an online support ticket

As an IT admin, you can file a support ticket from the Azure portal by using the following steps:

  1. Log on to the Azure portal ( with your Intune admin credentials, choose the ? icon in the upper-right corner of the portal, and then select Help + support to go to the Azure Help + support page.

    Screenshot of Azure portal help and support question mark link with the Help + support link highlighted

  2. On the Azure Help and support page, select New support request.

    Screenshot of Azure portal help and support page with New support request link highlighted

  3. On the Basics blade, for most Intune technical support issues, choose the following options:

    • Issue type: Technical
    • Service: Microsoft Intune
    • Support plan: Technical support - included (For Intune technical issues, support is complimentary.)


      Support for Intune, and for Intune when used with Configuration Manager, is free of charge. To review details of the Premier Support offering, please see the Description of Services documentation, section 5.3.3 "Advisory Services."

      Choose Next to continue.

  4. On the Problem blade, to ensure your request is addressed by the right subject matter expert for your problem, select the following options:

    • Severity
    • Problem type
    • Category

      These details also lets us provide Related help that might solve your problem without filing a ticket.

      Screenshot of Azure portal help and support page with Problem items filled out and displaying solutions based on your problem

      To help us research and resolve your problem, enter the following information:

    • Details
    • Date
    • Time
    • Supplemental data

      Choose Next.

  5. Provide Contact information for this support request. Microsoft support uses this information to contact you.
  6. Choose Create to submit your support request.


If you have a billing or subscription question, you can open a case to get support through the Office Admin Center.

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