Additional resources for planning your Intune deployment

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Microsoft Excel templates for the tables used in the planning guide are available for download.

Here's a list of table templates for each section.

Deployment planning Design & implementation Test & validation
Deployment goals Current environment Functional validation testing
Deployment objectives Devices IT admin scenario validation testing
Deployment challenges Terms & conditions End-user scenario validation testing
Use-case scenarios Configuration policy
Use-case scenario requirements Certificate profile
Rollout plan Wi-Fi profile
Rollout communication plan VPN profile
Email Profile
Compliance policy
Conditional Access policy -

Further reading

Check out these resources for additional information that may be helpful during the Intune deployment planning, design, and implementation process.

  • Microsoft Intune documentation - The full set of Intune documentation.

  • Intune blog - Posts to help you understand how Intune fits into the larger Enterprise Mobility picture.

  • Microsoft Trust Center - Learn Microsoft's approach to security, privacy, compliance, and transparency in all Microsoft cloud products and services.

  • Intune User Voice - Want to request a feature or vote with other customers for features? Provide feedback on Intune through User Voice. We're listening.

  • Enrollment guide - A set of docs you can use as is or modify as part of your communication plan with your end users to help them understand what it means to have their personal device enrolled in Intune.