Use policies to help protect Windows PCs that run the Intune client software

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Applies to: Intune in the classic portal

Microsoft Intune offers three policies that you can use to help ensure the security of Windows PCs that the Intune client software manages.

Software updates

Intune makes it easy for you to keep Windows PCs that you manage up-to-date by informing you when important software updates from Microsoft and other companies are available. You can then approve or decline these updates. Approved updates will automatically be installed on all applicable PCs.

Windows Firewall

The Windows Firewall helps to keep hackers, malware, and other threats from Windows PCs. With Intune, you can manage settings and features for the Windows Firewall on all PCs that you manage.

Endpoint Protection

As an IT admin, one of your top priorities is to keep the Windows PCs that you manage free of malware and viruses. Intune integrates with Endpoint Protection to provide real-time protection against malware threats, keep malware definitions up-to date, and automatically scan computers. Endpoint Protection also provides tools that help you to manage and monitor malware attacks.

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