Rename a device in Intune

The Rename device action lets you rename a device that is enrolled in Intune. The device's name is changed in Intune and on the device.

You can rename the following types of devices:

  • corporate-owned Windows
  • iOS supervised
  • corporate-owned MacOS 10

This feature doesn't currently support renaming hybrid Azure AD Windows devices.

Rename a device

  1. Sign in to Intune.
  2. Choose Devices > All devices > choose a device > More > Rename device.
  3. In the Rename device blade, type the new name in the text box. You can use letters, numbers, and hyphens. The name must contain at least one letter or hyphen.
  4. If you want to restart the device after renaming it, choose Yes next to Restart after rename.
  5. Choose Rename.

Next steps

To see the status of the Rename device action, check the Overview page for the device.