TableEntity Class

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public final class TableEntity

An entity within a table. A TableEntity can be used directly when interacting with the Tables service, with methods on the TableClient and TableAsyncClient classes that accept and return TableEntity instances. After creating an instance, call the addProperty(String key, Object value) or setProperties(Map<String,Object> properties) methods to add properties to the entity. When retrieving an entity from the service, call the getProperty(String key) or getProperties() methods to access the entity's properties.


TableEntity(String partitionKey, String rowKey)

Construct a new TableEntity.


addProperty(String key, Object value)

Adds a single property to the entity's properties map.


Gets the entity's eTag.


Gets the entity's partition key.


Gets the map of the entity's properties.

getProperty(String key)

Gets a single property from the entity's properties map.


Gets the entity's row key.


Gets the entity's timestamp.

setProperties(Map<String,Object> properties)

Sets the contents of the provided map to the entity's properties map.

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