PrivateDnsRecordSet.UpdateDefinitionStages.WithSoaRecordAttributes<ParentT> Interface


The stage of the SOA record set definition allowing to add additional SOA records.

public static interface PrivateDnsRecordSet.UpdateDefinitionStages.WithSoaRecordAttributes<ParentT>

Type Parameters



withAuthoritativeServer(String authoritativeServerHostName)

Specifies the authoritative server in this record set.

withEmailServer(String emailServerHostName)

Specifies the email server in this record set.

withExpireTimeInSeconds(long expireTimeInSeconds)

Specifies the expire time in this record set.

withNegativeResponseCachingTimeToLiveInSeconds(long negativeCachingTimeToLive)

Specifies the time in seconds that any name server or resolver should cache a negative response.

withRefreshTimeInSeconds(long refreshTimeInSeconds)

Specifies the refresh time in this record set.

withRetryTimeInSeconds(long retryTimeInSeconds)

Specifies the retry time in this record set.

withSerialNumber(long serialNumber)

Specifies the serial number for this record set.

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