EncryptedBlobClientBuilder.endpoint(String endpoint) Method


Sets the service endpoint, additionally parses it for information (SAS token, container name, blob name)

If the blob name contains special characters, pass in the url encoded version of the blob name.

If the endpoint is to a blob in the root container, this method will fail as it will interpret the blob name as the container name. With only one path element, it is impossible to distinguish between a container name and a blob in the root container, so it is assumed to be the container name as this is much more common. When working with blobs in the root container, it is best to set the endpoint to the account url and specify the blob name separately using the blobName(String blobName) method.

public EncryptedBlobClientBuilder endpoint(String endpoint)



URL of the service


the updated EncryptedBlobClientBuilder object

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