DataLakeRequestConditions Class


This class contains values which will restrict the successful operation of a variety of requests to the conditions present. These conditions are entirely optional. The entire object or any of its properties may be set to null when passed to a method to indicate that those conditions are not desired. Please refer to the type of each field for more information on those particular access conditions.

public class DataLakeRequestConditions extends RequestConditions

Inherited Members

MatchConditions.getIfMatch() MatchConditions.getIfNoneMatch() RequestConditions.getIfModifiedSince() RequestConditions.getIfUnmodifiedSince() RequestConditions.setIfMatch(String ifMatch) RequestConditions.setIfModifiedSince(OffsetDateTime ifModifiedSince) RequestConditions.setIfNoneMatch(String ifNoneMatch) RequestConditions.setIfUnmodifiedSince(OffsetDateTime ifUnmodifiedSince) java.lang.Object.clone() java.lang.Object.equals(java.lang.Object) java.lang.Object.finalize() java.lang.Object.getClass() java.lang.Object.hashCode() java.lang.Object.notify() java.lang.Object.notifyAll() java.lang.Object.toString() java.lang.Object.wait() java.lang.Object.wait(long) java.lang.Object.wait(long,int)





Gets the lease ID that blobs and containers must match.

setIfMatch(String ifMatch)

Optionally limit requests to resources that match the passed ETag.

setIfModifiedSince(OffsetDateTime ifModifiedSince)

Optionally limit requests to resources that have only been modified since the passed datetime.

setIfNoneMatch(String ifNoneMatch)

Optionally limit requests to resources that do not match the passed ETag.

setIfUnmodifiedSince(OffsetDateTime ifUnmodifiedSince)

Optionally limit requests to resources that have remained unmodified since the passed datetime.

setLeaseId(String leaseId)

Optionally limits requests to blobs and containers that match the lease ID.

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