QueueOutput Interface


Place this on a parameter whose value would be written to a storage queue. The parameter type should be OutputBinding, where T could be one of:

  • Any native Java types such as int, String, byte[]
  • Any POJO type

The following example shows a Java function that creates a queue message for each HTTP request received.

@QueueOutput(name = "item", queueName = "myqueue-items", connection = "AzureWebJobsStorage")
 public String pushToQueue(
    @HttpTrigger(name = "request", methods = {HttpMethod.POST}, authLevel = AuthorizationLevel.ANONYMOUS)
     final String message,
    @HttpOutput(name = "response") final OutputBinding<String> result
 ) {
     result.setValue(message + " has been added.");
     return message;
public interface QueueOutput implements Annotation



Defines the app setting name that contains the Azure Storage connection string.


Defines how Functions runtime should treat the parameter value. Possible values are:

  • "" or string: treat it as a string whose value is serialized from the parameter
  • binary: treat it as a binary data whose value comes from for example OutputBinding<byte[]>

The variable name used in function.json.


Defines the name of the storage queue to which to write.

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