ServiceURL Class


Represents a URL to a blob service. This class does not hold any state about a particular storage account but is instead a convenient way of sending off appropriate requests to the resource on the service. It may also be used to construct URLs to blobs and containers. Please see here for more information on containers.

public class ServiceURL extends StorageURL

Inherited Members


ServiceURL(URL url, HttpPipeline pipeline)

Creates aServiceURL 

</code> object pointing to the account specified by the URL and using the provided pipeline to make HTTP requests.</p>


createContainerURL(String containerName)
getAccountInfo(Context context)

Returns the sku name and account kind for the account. For more information, please see the Azure Docs.

getProperties(Context context)

Gets the properties of a storage account’s Blob service. For more information, see the Azure Docs.

getStatistics(Context context)

Retrieves statistics related to replication for the Blob service. It is only available on the secondary location endpoint when read-access geo-redundant replication is enabled for the storage account. For more information, see the Azure Docs.

listContainersSegment(String marker, ListContainersOptions options, Context context)

Returns a single segment of containers starting from the specified Marker. Use an empty marker to start enumeration from the beginning. Container names are returned in lexicographic order. After getting a segment, process it, and then call ListContainers again (passing the the previously-returned Marker) to get the next segment. For more information, see the Azure Docs.

setProperties(StorageServiceProperties properties, Context context)

Sets properties for a storage account's Blob service endpoint. For more information, see the Azure Docs. Note that setting the default service version has no effect when using this client because this client explicitly sets the version header on each request, overriding the default.

withPipeline(HttpPipeline pipeline)

Creates a new ServiceURL with the given pipeline.

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