TransferManager Class


This class contains a collection of methods (and structures associated with those methods) which perform higher-level operations. Whereas operations on the URL types guarantee a single REST request and make no assumptions on desired behavior, these methods will often compose several requests to provide a convenient way of performing more complex operations. Further, we will make our own assumptions and optimizations for common cases that may not be ideal for rarer cases.

public class TransferManager



The default size of a download chunk for download large blobs.


downloadBlobToFile(AsynchronousFileChannel file, BlobURL blobURL, BlobRange range, TransferManagerDownloadFromBlobOptions options)

Downloads a file directly into a file, splitting the download into chunks and parallelizing as necessary.

uploadFileToBlockBlob(final AsynchronousFileChannel file, final BlockBlobURL blockBlobURL, final int blockLength, final TransferManagerUploadToBlockBlobOptions options)

Uploads the contents of a file to a block blob in parallel, breaking it into block-size chunks if necessary.

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