Azure Key Vault modules for JavaScript

The Azure Key Vault libraries for JavaScript offer a convenient interface for making calls to Azure Key Vault. For more information about Azure Key Vault, see Introduction to Azure Key Vault.

Libraries for data access

The latest version of the Azure Key Vault library is version 4.x.x. Microsoft recommends using version 4.x.x for new applications.

Version 4.x.x

The version 4.x.x libraries for JavaScript are part of the Azure SDK for JavaScript. The source code for the Key Vault libraries for JavaScript is available on GitHub.

Use the following version 4.x.x libraries to work with certificates, keys, and secrets:

Library Reference Package Source
keyvault-certificates Reference npm GitHub
keyvault-keys Reference npm GitHub
keyvault-secrets Reference npm GitHub

Libraries for resource management

Use the following library to work with the Azure Key Vault resource provider:

Library Reference Package Source
arm-keyvault Reference npm GitHub