Azure Service Bus Modules for Node.js

Azure Service Bus is an asynchronous messaging cloud platform that enables you to send data between decoupled systems.

Learn more about Azure Service Bus.

Management package

Install the npm module

Use npm to install the Azure Service Bus module for Node.js

npm install azure-arm-sb


This example creates a client and then lists all Service Bus namespaces associated with a given subscription.

const msRestAzure = require('ms-rest-azure');
const ServicebusManagement = require('azure-arm-sb');

const subscriptionId = 'your-subscription-id';

msRestAzure.interactiveLogin().then(credentials => {
    const client = new ServicebusManagement(credentials, subscriptionId);
    client.namespaces.listBySubscription().then(namespaces => { => {
            console.log(`found ns : ${}`);


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