Kaizala Actions


Kaizala Actions are basic 'units of work' that help users get work done within a conversation context inside Kaizala. Some of these Actions like Job, Survey, Poll, etc. are shipped out-of-the-box and provide scoped functionality. These Actions can be discovered within the Kaizala app and can be invoked in a conversation context from the Action Palette. A Kaizala Action currently contains four different views that can be defined:

  • A creation view when an Action is invoked from the palette
  • A card view that appears on the chat canvas when an instance of the Action is sent
  • A responder view for users to respond to the Kaizala Action
  • A summary view to view aggregated responses

You can create new Kaizala Actions that leverage Kaizala’s people network and mobile capabilities to create compelling experiences in the following ways:

  • Design a new Kaizala Action through the Kaizala Management Portal - You can design a custom Kaizala Action through the Action Designer interface by building on the out-of-box Survey Action.
  • Develop a new Kaizala Action package - You can create complex new Kaizala Actions that provide custom functionality using web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This feature is currently being tested with a select few partners. Please write to kaizalaDev@microsoft.com to pilot this in your organization.

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