Exam item challenge process

Challenging an exam item

Microsoft Certification exams are designed to ensure that candidates who pass exams and earn our certifications have demonstrated the required proficiency level across the skill domain. Each Microsoft Certification exam question is carefully reviewed by a panel of technical and job experts for technical accuracy, clarity, and relevance. If you believe that a question on a Microsoft Certification exam is inaccurate, you may request an evaluation of the question via the exam item challenge process, designed to help identify and correct problematic questions. However, even if a question is flawed in some way, we cannot assume that you would have answered it correctly if it had not had that flaw, therefore most challenges do not result in a change in your exam result.

Criteria for accepting an exam item challenge:

  • Exam must have been taken within the last 30 calendar days (not business days).
  • You are challenging a specific item on the exam.

Exam item challenges will not be accepted for the following criteria:

  • Challenges to the entire exam.
  • Challenges based on study materials (practice tests, study guides, training materials, etc.).
  • Challenges to the appropriateness of a question.
  • Submission is more than 30 calendar days (not business days) after the exam was taken.
  • Challenges based on technical issues experienced at a testing center.
  • Challenges that are not submitted via this process.
  • Challenges to the scoring methodologies (e.g., The bar graph does not represent my actual score.).
  • Challenges to the exam format (standard, sort, adaptive).
  • Challenges to beta exams. (Because beta exams are intended to identify issues through psychometrics and analysis of candidate comments, questions are often changed. If an item changes substantially, you will not be scored on it.)

Exam item challenge process:

  1. Review our criteria for accepting and not accepting an exam item challenge.
  2. Complete and submit the exam item challenge form.
  3. The Microsoft Certification team will review your submission for completeness. If incomplete, you will be asked to provide more information. If complete, the Microsoft Certification team will review. A review takes approximately two weeks.
  4. Once the review is complete, you will be notified of the outcome.

Thank you for your interest in helping make Microsoft Certification exams as valid and relevant as possible.