Moving Microsoft Learning website to Microsoft Learn - FAQ

Updated June 2020

Q. What is happening?

The Microsoft Learning ( web site is merging with the Microsoft Learn ( web site.

Q. Why are the sites merging?

Microsoft Learn is the place to start your learning journey to explore and learn about our technologies, and to discover a comprehensive collection of training options that empower you to learn in a style that fits you best. In addition to free self-paced learning paths that combine short, step-by-step tutorials, browser-based, interactive, coding/scripting environments, and task-based achievements, you can now discover Microsoft Certifications and instructor-led training options on Microsoft Learn as we continue toward a single learning destination for Microsoft learners.

Q. When will the content move to Microsoft Learn?

During the past year, we have been moving Microsoft Learning ( web pages to Microsoft Learn ( Some web pages have been available on both web sites as we move content in stages. The content migration will be complete by June 30, 2020.

Q. What will remain on Microsoft Learning?

The following content will remain on Microsoft Learning until a later date in 2020:

Q. Will the certification, exam, training, and other content I see on Microsoft Learning before June 30, 2020 be moved as it is, with existing formatting, to Microsoft Learn?

Pages moving to Microsoft Learn will maintain the details, but page formatting will change slightly to improve your experience and to make it easier to find content.

Q. What about my bookmarks; will they continue to work?

Pages that move from Microsoft Learning to Microsoft Learn will be redirected to the new pages on Microsoft Learn. These redirects will not persist forever, so you should update your bookmarks when the pages move.


Q. How can I get help if I have a problem or question? Where do I find support?

Support is available on the following pages:

Profile and Certification Dashboard

Q. Will I still be able to see my completed certification information and registered exams?

Yes, you will continue to have full access to your certification profile in the Certification Dashboard (, as you do today. Scheduled exams, badges, certificates, and transcripts will remain available. Additionally, links to the Certification Dashboard have been added to the Microsoft Learn profile page.

Q. On the Microsoft Learn site, I see a profile “Sign in”. Is this the same as the profile “Sign in” on Microsoft Learning? Will I be able to login on the Microsoft Learn site to see my certification and exam information?

Until the Microsoft Learning Certification Dashboard is moved to Microsoft Learn, you will continue to access everything related to your certifications (exam schedules, history, badges, etc.) by logging into your profile on the Certification Dashboard ( which will be available on Microsoft Learning and also the Microsoft Learn site. The Tech Profile on Microsoft Learn ( will remain separate until a later date. In the coming months, we will merge the Certification Dashboard into the Tech Profile for a unified profile.

Q. If I already have a profile on Microsoft Learning, do I need to register for a Tech Profile on Microsoft Learn?

The Microsoft Learning profile is different than the Microsoft Learn Tech Profile. You will need to create a Tech Profile on Microsoft Learn to access certain features and functionality on Microsoft Learn that won't work unless you're signed in. If you do create a Tech Profile, we suggest you register using the same email as you used to create your Microsoft Learning profile. When the Microsoft Learning Certification Dashboard is merged into the Microsoft Learn Tech Profile in the coming months, we will provide details about linking profiles and other profile-related changes. Additionally, information about the Tech Profile on Microsoft Learn is available on the Frequently Asked Questions page (