Introduction and FAQs

Why take an online proctored exam?

Online proctored exams make it more convenient for people to earn valuable certifications. While some will choose to take their exam at a test center, many people take exams in the comfort of their own office or home.

Microsoft partners with other companies to deliver certification exams through online proctoring. These partners are Pearson VUE and PSI.

Visit: About online exams with Pearson VUE.

Visit: About online exams with PSI.

What to check before registering for an online proctored exam

An online proctored exam saves travel time and hassle by letting you take the exam in the comfort of your own home or office. Most people can take online proctored exams, but there are some technical requirements that must be met.

  • Start by ensuring that the computer you will use to take the exam meets the system requirements and complete the required system test on that computer. If your system does not pass the system test, you cannot use that computer for the online proctored exam. You should not register for an online proctored exam if your system does not pass the system test.
  • If you are unable to take a clear photo of your identification, you should not take an online proctored exam. This step is required for validating your identity at the time of testing, and if the photo is not clear, the proctor will not allow you to take the test.
  • Review the testing session protocol to know what to expect during the exam. Understand the video and audio monitoring requirements. If you have doubts or reservations about the online testing protocol, we recommend that you schedule your exam at a test center.

How to register an online proctored exam

Visit: Register and schedule an exam.

How to start an online proctored exam

We recommend logging in 15 minutes early to start the check-in process.

  1. Sign in to the Certification Dashboard with the email associated with your Microsoft Certification profile.
  2. In the “Appointments” section, find the exam appointment that you want to start and select “Start Online exam”. You will be redirected to your exam delivery provider.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to find your exam appointment and download and install the secure browser for your exam delivery provider. For more details, visit: About online exams with Pearson VUE or About online exams with PSI.

Frequently asked questions about online proctored exams for Microsoft Certification

How do I request exam accommodations?
Visit: Request accommodations.

Can I reschedule or cancel my exam?
Visit: Exam reschedule and cancellation policy.

What type of identification is required during the check-in process?
Visit: About online exams with Pearson VUE.
Visit: About online exams with PSI.

How do I change my legal name on my Microsoft Certification profile?
Visit: Manage your certification profile.

Where can I find a list of exam policies?
Visit: Policies and agreement Policies and agreement.

After my exam has launched and I am assigned a proctor, how long do I have to complete the exam?
Visit: Exam duration and question types.

What happens after I launch the online proctored exam?
This varies by exam delivery provider, but in general, you can expect to submit a photo of your ID and to do a room scan. Once complete, you will be assigned a proctor. For more information, visit: About online exams with Pearson VUE or visit: About online exams with PSI.

If I'm taking multiple exams for a certification, do I need to choose a single exam delivery method?
No, you may mix and match delivery methods (online proctored or in person at a testing center).

Are online exams more difficult than exams taken at test centers?
No. The exams are equivalent in terms of difficulty.

May I take notes during my online proctored exam?
If you are taking your online proctored exam through Pearson VUE, yes, you can take notes during your online exam by using the whiteboard feature that is part of the online exam experience (you may not use an external whiteboard). The whiteboard feature provides the option to enter notes or draw shapes. You can access the whiteboard during your exam by selecting the eraser icon at the top of the screen.
If you are taking your online exam through PSI, then no, you cannot take notes during your online exam. This feature is not available through PSI.

It seems like it would be much easier to cheat if I'm not at a test center. Are online proctored exams secure?
We're committed to protecting the integrity of our exams, regardless of how they are delivered. When you take an online proctored exam, you must first install a secure browser that enforces rigorous safeguards throughout the testing process. In addition, a proctor monitors you throughout the exam via webcam and microphone. We also review video of exam sessions in cases where we suspect cheating. We're pretty good at detecting cheating, so we don't recommend it—we decertify cheaters, remove their certifications, and ban them from taking future exams.

Are online proctored exams available in multiple languages?
Yes, but the proctors may not speak those languages. So, while the exam content may be available in various languages, proctoring and support is generally only available in English. To read more about language support available for your exam delivery provider, visit: About online exams with Pearson VUE or visit: About online exams with PSI.

If I have technical issues before, during, or after the online proctored exam, who do I contact?
Pearson VUE: For questions during your Pearson VUE registration, please visit: About online exams with Pearson VUE.
PSI: For questions during your PSI registration, please visit: About online exams with PSI.