Learn how and when you want

Posted 18 Sep 2019 by Nancy Tandy, Business Strategy Manager, Worldwide Learning

Learning new skills can be challenging. When you invest your time and energy into acquiring new skills, you want a plan that that enables you to choose the way you learn best and a method that fits your busy life. Microsoft Learn can’t take all the hard work out of learning or organize your calendar for you, but it does make it easier to find resources that suit your learning style, pace, and schedule. You can choose different options to suit different stages on your path and to meet your learning preferences and time needs. You might start with step-by-step tutorials, for example, and end with in-depth, instructor-led classes that give you the real-world knowledge you need to take the certification exam with confidence. Different kinds of training can also help reinforce your learning—try a hands-on lab to practice what you learned in a module. By combining different ways to learn, you can create your own educational path to success.

Choose from a wide variety of training options:

  • Free, browser-based trainings you work through at your own pace

    Browse Microsoft Learn for hands-on learning and modular learning paths.

  • Free hands-on, self-paced labs
    Practice in a live lab environment with prepopulated resources and easy-to-follow guides that enable you to learn by using technologies. If you’re just starting out, you could try the Creating and Exploring a Microsoft Power BI Dashboard lab. For more advanced lab, you could try Big Data in Action: Integrating Hadoop with BI.

    Browse Microsoft hands-on, self-paced labs.

  • Free walkthroughs, how-to guides, sample code, test drives, and more
    Business-process walkthroughs demonstrate how to perform a series of tasks in a process, such as planning supply orders or managing projects with jobs in Dynamics 365. You can also access in-depth guidance and documentation, Quickstarts, API reference, code samples, how-to guides, implementation frameworks, and test drives. These resources reinforce and complement the other trainings.

    Browse business process walkthroughs for Dynamics 365 Business Central.
    Browse Dynamics 365 documentation for business apps.

  • Instructor-led training with Microsoft Certified Trainers and more
    Who says old school is over? Take an in-depth online or in-person class offered by a Microsoft Learning Partner, with content designed to help you learn the skills needed to pass the certification exam. All Microsoft Learn offerings can move you toward your goal, but to help ensure that you’re more prepared for a certification exam, taking an instructor-led course from a Microsoft Learning Partner is recommended. These classes provide you with the real-world learning you need for the exams and for today’s competitive job market. The classes are a balance of presentations by the instructor, hands-on labs, group discussion, and mentoring. The training also includes a skills assessment before the class begins and detailed tracking and reporting of your progress. When you work with a Learning Partner, you also get personalized learning plans that are industry-specific.

    Microsoft Learning Partners also offer certification bootcamps, cloud workshops, and hackathons.
    Browse training offered by Learning Partner DynamicsEdge.

  • Events. Don’t forget events. Beyond fun and socializing, events can give you the latest insights and skills from industry leaders and let you experience the newest technologies. At Microsoft Ignite The Tour, you’ll see where tech is going and how you may want to alter your learning path or chart a new one. The sessions at events are aligned to the learning paths available on Microsoft Learn, so they’re an important part of your educational journey.