Real-world learning in Dynamics 365 gives you the edge you need

Posted 31 Mar 2020 by Nancy Tandy, Business Strategy Manager, Worldwide Learning

With the digital transformation underway across all industries, it's more important than ever to learn new skills if you want to get ahead. And it's important to spend your time and effort on training that can set you up for success. That means finding training that includes real-world experience when you're skilling up. Why?

Real-world learning, often called situated or context learning, is important for every age, but especially for adult learners. Situated learning goes beyond the kind of experiential learning in hands-on labs and walkthroughs, where you apply or practice what you've learned. Microsoft Learn includes plenty of experiential learning, in addition to free online modules you work through on your own, at your own pace, to gain fundamental or advanced skills. Situated learning takes you even deeper. In situated learning, you're in dialogue with an instructor and other learners, all working together on the same skills you're learning, to solve real-world problems. Plus, you get mentoring and the deep understanding that comes from solving problems with other professionals. The opportunity to test drive your skills in the real world can increase your confidence and help demonstrate to employers that you really do know what you're doing.

The training you get with Microsoft Learn includes real-world learning like this to help ensure that you're prepared to ace the role you're training for, from a sales functional consultant to a field service functional consultant. Specifically, Microsoft offers instructor-led training (ILT) designed to prepare you in depth for the certification exams. Each course is taught by a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and offered by a Microsoft Learning Partner, which can be found around the world.

What's so valuable about Microsoft instructor-led training?

  • It's designed by Microsoft Learn, in collaboration with Learning Partners, to help build and reinforce the skills you've been learning and to help give you the tools you need to ace the certification exams. ILT covers the complete learning journey, from assessing where you are (pre-assessment, first-look clinics, and mentoring) to learning (certification preparation, role-based training, bootcamps, cloud workshops, hands-on labs, and hackathons) to validation (certification exam and post-exam assessments).
  • ILT is taught by Microsoft Certified Trainers.
  • It combines presentations by instructors, hands-on labs, and group discussion. This kind of blended learning model reinforces and extends your learning.
  • ILT intentionally prepares you for the certification exams. Let's be clear: the Microsoft Certification exams are challenging—that's why they carry so much weight with employers and why they're such an achievement. Microsoft Learn instructor-led training includes skills assessments and detailed tracking and reporting so you know exactly where you are and where you need to be in relation to passing an exam. ILT is tailored to specific industry offerings, like portal training for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and field service training to improve productivity, and it's available in local languages.
  • There's a lot of ILT to choose from. Microsoft Learning Partner Dynamics Edge, for example, trains on Microsoft Power Platform and on Microsoft Dynamics Finance and Operations, Supply Chain Management, Sales, Field Service, Customer Engagement, Retail, and more. Global Knowledge offers Dynamics 365 training around the world, as do New Horizons and Learning Tree International. You can also search for classroom training offered by Learning Partners by course, such as Microsoft Power Platform + Dynamics Core and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing.
  • ILT provides a great deal of flexibility for individuals and companies. You can choose from a set of training options broadcast over SATV, but you can also work with Microsoft Learning Partners to create custom Dynamics 365 workshops. Options like these mean you can find the perfect fit for the training you need.