Wherever you are in your career, learning new skills should be on your list

Posted 18 Dec 2019 by Nancy Tandy, Business Strategy Manager, Worldwide Learning

Being a lifelong learner is the key to success. That's the advice from successful people from all walks of life. And it's clearly true in business today, where the digital transformation underway is affecting every industry, from health care to manufacturing to field service to customer relationship management. The new technologies changing the way these industries operate require new skills—of everyone. It's not just the "new crop" of workers who need these skills to be successful today. Everyone in the workforce—from the experienced manager to the new hire, from "techies" to "non-techies"—can benefit from acquiring new tech skills.

Wherever you are in your career, Microsoft Learn can help you gain the skills you need to move ahead and achieve success.

  • Starting out? If you’ve just graduated from high school or college and want to pursue a job in tech or in business, check out the free online classes offered at Microsoft Learn. Jobs for developers in cloud computing and AI may be in high demand, but companies need skilled workers with technical proficiency in other roles and fields too. You don’t need to be a computer geek, for example, to take advantage of self-paced trainings that help you get started in managing customers and developing sales leads, using standardized data structures, or customer service—all using Dynamics 365. They can all take you on a path to certification in Dynamics 365 fundamentals.
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  • Starting over? Changing careers? If you’ve made the leap to a new industry or committed to learning a totally new set of skills, Microsoft Learn can help you achieve your goals too. You can find learning paths and individual classes on Microsoft Learn, for example, that give you a foundation in Dynamics 365 financial management, cost accounting in finance and operations, or other business.
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  • Refreshing your skills? Filling in a gap? With the rapid technological changes in all industries, from marketing to manufacturing to field service, it’s always a good idea to keep your skills current or even ahead of the game. Want to improve your skills in customizing schedule boards in field service, or learn how to remotely monitor and service customer equipment? There’s a learning path for that! See all Dynamics 365 field service trainings.
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  • Skilling up? Already well on your way? Take it to the next level. Learn new skills and get certified, so you can demonstrate those skills to your current or future employer and set yourself up for recognition and promotion. In a future post, we’ll talk about the advantages that certification can give you.
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Start planning your journey to success with Microsoft Learn today. Discover the industry roles and certifications you can prepare for to move ahead. You can start with taking a free self-paced online class or hands-on lab. Or you can choose a learning path with modules that will walk you through the skills you want to learn. Or you can commit to a plan to become certified as a beginner, associate or expert. It’s your career, your future. Microsoft Learn is here to help you reach your goals, however you choose to do so.