Application portfolio assessment


Organizations that have decided to move to the cloud need to assess their application portfolio to understand the best approach for migrating and modernizing their apps.

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Watch this short video to review the options you can use to update your company’s application portfolio.

To start your migration and modernization journey, you’ll want to assess your current set of applications, data assets, and their relationship to your company’s business functions. The goal is to determine where the current suite of applications fits in your long-term digital strategy and how well it supports evolving business models.

There are several options you can choose, including IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) and PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service), and you can move at your own pace. With the right approach, you can modernize a portfolio of applications in the right way, yielding value more quickly and at a lower cost. This makes it easier and less expensive to stay current as products and technologies continue to evolve.

Application portfolio assessment

An Application Portfolio Assessment helps an organization better understand its existing application environment. The assessment focuses on understanding an application’s business value and technical characteristics. These dimensions will help define the modernization technique to be used and the potential business value of the modernization approach.

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Watch the video below to learn about how Microsoft assessed our own application portfolio.

As you saw in the video, you’ll want to first assess your current applications, prioritize their value, plan their future use, and execute on this plan.

Just as your current assets were built or acquired over a long period of time, application modernization should be a gradual change. You can consult with a partner, or Microsoft, to assist with your application portfolio assessment.

Case study – Allscripts

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Watch this short video to see how Allscripts evaluated their applications and infrastructure and made strategic decisions to modernize.

As you saw in this video, the journey to the cloud has many different paths. Applications do not need to be rebuilt in the cloud. They can be rehosted, moving from an on-premises server to an IaaS environment. They can also be refactored or rearchitected using containers. In the next few units, we will look at each of these migration strategies to the cloud and how they map to business goals.

Now, we will explore the value of migrating your application from on-premises to the cloud.