Application modernization


In this unit, we’ll learn about application modernization—modifying an app to better take advantage of the cloud.

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Watch this video to learn more about key capabilities for application modernization.

In this video, we introduced refactor, rearchitect, and rebuild as strategies for application modernization and the business benefits. Next, we’ll see how The Absolut Company modernized their applications in Azure.

Case study: The Absolut Company

The global marketing team for The Absolut Company faced a challenge: They needed to expedite their marketing campaign deliveries and increase their agility, but their existing approach included a cumbersome service level agreement requiring a five-day turnaround for server deployment, as well as any changes. Their hosting platform had become complex and the work of maintaining over 25 servers was slowing down the business.

To address their challenges, The Absolut Company chose to move its web properties to Azure App Service. Now marketing can have a site up in minutes as opposed to days, and since the solution scales dynamically with need, overall performance has improved significantly. The Absolut Company’s use of Azure has transformed their ability to engage with customers in a more agile way, and has optimized their operational processes for new site deployment. Absolut can quickly facilitate the launch of a new campaign, deepen the conversation with consumers, expand its reach to new audiences, and remain competitive.

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Now that we’ve seen how the Azure App Services enabled a successful modernization journey for The Absolut Company, let’s learn how cloud services can enable modernization.