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Application and infrastructure migration and modernization allows you to take advantage of the cloud and positions your organization for success. Azure IaaS offers modern infrastructure for all workloads, true hybrid capabilities, and secure and well-managed solutions. It is also cost-effective across the board.

Now that you have reviewed this module, you should be able to:

  • Identify the value of modernizing your applications and infrastructure.
  • Describe the common triggers driving modernization.
  • Evaluate your application portfolio to determine a migration and modernization strategy.
  • Identify the advantages of different migration and modernization strategies.

Key takeaways

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  1. Some of the common modernization triggers include the need to deliver applications and features faster, urgent capacity needs, or a software or hardware refresh.
  2. An application portfolio assessment will help you determine where the current suite of applications fits in your long-term digital strategy and how well it supports evolving business models.
  3. Each application can take a different journey to the cloud, including: rehost, refactor/rearchitect and rebuild.


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