Filter your table


When you are working with tables of data, it is common to want to return a subset of the records instead of the entire table. For example, you can filter all the customer records where the status is active or all of the invoices where the date is older than 30 days ago. To accomplish this in Power Apps, you can use the Filter function.

The Filter function in Power Apps allows you to query a table of data (which could come from a collection or a data source) for the records that match the evaluation criteria.

For this example, reference the following Table of data stored in a collection named collectCustomerInvoices.

ID Date CustomerName Amount
1 4/10/2020 Fabrikam 212.00
2 3/1/2020 Contoso 47.89
3 3/14/2020 Contoso 32.99
4 4/2/2020 Fabrikam 105.32

Use the following filter formula to return all of the records where the CustomerName field is Contoso.

Filter(collectCustomerInvoices, CustomerName = "Contoso")

The formula would return a table that contained the second and third records only. You can use this method to reduce the amount of data displayed in your app. This makes for a better user experience and better performance. For more information and to see other uses of the Filter function, see Filter, Search, and LookUp functions in Power Apps.