The Azure Health Bot Service is a cloud platform that empowers developers in healthcare organizations to build and deploy their compliant, AI-powered Patient insights and health bots, that help them improve processes and reduce costs. It allows you to offer your users intelligent and personalized access to health-related information and interactions through a natural conversation experience.

With the service, healthcare organizations can build a "health bot instance" and integrate it with their systems that patients, nurses, doctors, and other representatives interact with. Building an instance allows you to:

  • Improve processes

  • Improve services

  • Improve outcomes

  • Reduces cost

The Health Bot Service contains a built-in medical database, including triage protocols. You can also extend a health bot instance to include your own scenarios and integrate with other IT systems and data sources. To learn more about Azure Health Bot, see Azure Health Bot Overview on Microsoft Docs.

Industry prioritized scenarios

The Azure Health Bot focuses on the Enhance patient engagement priority scenario by creating a virtual bot health option to allow for new avenues of care with embedded insights.

Screenshot of the Enhance patient engagement priority scenario.

Healthcare story

This lab will focus on Lamna Healthcare Company.

Chart of the Lamna Healthcare Company processes from care management to virtual visits.

As part of their digital transformation efforts, Lamna Healthcare Company is seeking to streamline their patient engagement capabilities by implementing Azure Health Bot to help improve processes and services, such as entering medication requests. By allowing patients to interact with this service, Lamna Healthcare Company will move one step closer to their goal of improving patient outcomes while reducing overall costs.

In this lab, you'll play the role of a Lamna Healthcare IT developer and configure Azure Health Bot for a medication refill scenario.