Knowledge check


An Azure Cache for Redis Pub/Sub client is subscribed to multiple channels using known names. Which command should be used to unsubscribe the client from all channels subscribed to using a known name?


A server application uses Azure Cache for Redis Pub/Sub to send messages to client applications. Which command should the server application use to publish a message to the org.communication channel with a string content of purchase-23984?


A worker service uses the Azure Cache for Redis Streams feature to produce new messages for other services to consume. Which command should the worker service use to produce a new message in the org.logs stream with a key of 1637719198505-3 and a single field-value pair of status and success?


A Redis console is connected to an Azure Cache for Redis instance that uses the Streams feature to manage individual message streams. Which command should be used in the console to get all org.alerts stream entries that occur before and including the 1637719145678-2 key?