In this module, you've learned some of the key principles of the performance efficiency pillar of the Azure Well-Architected Framework. You've learned about the various options for scaling your application, how to use autoscaling to handle scaling automatically, and technologies such as serverless computing that include scaling capabilities.

You've learned ways to optimize network traffic for your application. You've seen how you can use services like Azure Traffic Manager to direct users to the closest application instance. And you've learned how caching content on Azure Content Delivery Network can improve performance.

You've also seen how to optimize the storage performance of your application. Selecting the proper storage tier has a direct impact on performance, and using caching services such as Azure Cache for Redis will help improve throughput for data access.

Finally, you've learned about ways to identify performance bottlenecks in your application. Using tools such as Azure Monitor and Application Insights can provide valuable performance insight in your application. These tools can help you deliver a great experience for your users.

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