This module examined some of the core skills and tasks of a business application solution architect. The solution architect is one of the key players on a project team. Actions and behaviors of the solution architect affect the whole team and can impact the relationship to the project sponsor (customer). A skilled solution architect can make the difference between a project being successful and not.

Key points from this module are:

  • Solution architects must have the ability to discuss both technical and business.

  • As a solution architect, you need to have awareness of the different products and Microsoft's cloud stack (Office, Azure) and how it can be used as part of a business application solution.

  • Core soft skills are as important as a solution architect's technical knowledge.

  • Solution architects can be involved early during presales, and can also be involved all the way through delivery. By the time of delivery/deployment, the solution architect should ensure that the process progresses efficiently that the designing is done according to plan.

  • A proficient business application solution architecture requires balancing trade-offs to deliver the best solution possible within the project/customer constraints.