In this module, you defined what Azure Resource Manager means and what's in a Resource Manager template.

Resource Manager templates are declarative, meaning that you define what resources you need and let Resource Manager handle the deployment details.

You used an existing Azure Quickstart template to deploy a VM. Quickstart templates are a great way to jump-start your deployments. They also demonstrate recommended practices you can learn from as you author your own templates.

You also extended your Quickstart template to configure web server software on your VM. Extending an existing template is a great way to get something running quickly and understand how the pieces fit together.

Resource Manager templates are also composable. As you build out your deployments, you can write smaller templates that each define a piece of the system and then combine them to create a complete system.

Think about the analysts you support at your financial services company. As you build your library of Resource Manager templates, you'll be able to assemble deployments for each analyst much more quickly. After each financial model completes, you need to run only a single Azure CLI command to tear down the deployment.

Clean up

When you're working in your own subscription, it's a good idea at the end of a project to identify whether you still need the resources you created. Resources left running can cost you money. You can delete resources individually or delete the resource group to delete the entire set of resources.

Learn more

A great way to learn is by doing. Try writing a Resource Manager template that automates one of your deployments.

Refer to the Resource Manager on Azure documentation to learn more about how to create, deploy, manage, audit, and troubleshoot your templates.

Here are some resources that go into more detail on what you learned in this module.

Here are some topics that we did not discuss here, but you might be interested in as you explore and build your own templates.

Check your knowledge


Say you want to create a reusable template that uses the Custom Script Extension to configure web content on a VM. What's the best way to enable deployments to specify the script that configures web content?