Create character icons within the XR environment


We're ready to build out the createCharacterButtons function.

Create a character icon

Use the following code to add CylinderPanel to mainManager. CylinderPanel will be the container for the icons. Then create meshManager and meshPanel to display the pop-up displayStatsContainer player card. Add the onPointerUpObservable click event to remove displayStatsContainer from the scene when it's selected.

The createCharacterButtons() function belongs in the environment.ts file within the Environment class:

public createCharacterButtons() {
    // Create the main 3D UI manager for the icon grid
    var mainManager = new GUI.GUI3DManager(this._scene);

    // Create a cylindrical panel so that the images wrap around the user
    var mainButtonPanel = new GUI.CylinderPanel();
    mainButtonPanel.margin = 0.2;

    // Create an anchor so that the main panel doesn't move
    var anchor = new TransformNode("");
    mainButtonPanel.position =  new Vector3(0,-2,-3);

    // Create 8 columns and 2 rows so that each of the 16 players can be displayed
    mainButtonPanel.columns = 8;
    mainButtonPanel.rows = 2;

    // Set panel layouts
    mainButtonPanel.blockLayout = true;

Now you have a position for each of the player cards within the main panel.

Create the character pop-up image

Now you need add the code for the pop-up image that contains the PER value of the player. So when a player icon is selected, their stat card (name, image, and PER) will appear large in the center of the screen.

This code belongs at the bottom of the createCharacterButtons() function that you started earlier:

// Create the mesh 3D UI manager for the pop-up image when a user selects a player
var meshManager = new GUI.GUI3DManager(this._scene);
var meshPanel = new GUI.PlanePanel();
meshPanel.margin = 0.2;

// Add meshPanel to meshManager and anchor it
meshPanel.position = new Vector3(6, 0, -1);

// Set the player container and add it to the mesh panel
var displayStatsContainer = new GUI.HolographicButton("orientation");
displayStatsContainer.isVisible = false;

The character pop-up image has the visible property set to false so that it's not showing initially. The last part is making these character icons interactable!

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