If you're looking for a data-management system that's fast, reliable, and able to handle large volumes of data in different raw formats, Delta Lake is the solution. Delta Lake provides the best of data lake, data warehousing, and streaming data-ingestion systems.

Now that you have concluded this module, you should:

  • Know the key features and use cases of Delta Lake.
  • Know how to use Delta Lake to create, append, and upsert tables.
  • Know how to perform optimizations in Delta Lake.
  • Know how to compare different versions of a Delta table using Time Machine.

Clean up

If you plan on completing other Azure Databricks modules, don't delete your Azure Databricks instance yet. You can use the same environment for the other modules.

Delete the Azure Databricks instance

  1. Navigate to the Azure portal.
  2. Navigate to the resource group that contains your Azure Databricks instance.
  3. Select Delete resource group.
  4. Type the name of the resource group in the confirmation text box.
  5. Select Delete.