A chart of accounts is a set of main accounts in Dynamics 365 Finance that captures financial information upon posting a journal. Each account is assigned an account number as a unique identifier.

In this module, you will learn how to:

  • Identify the required components for the chart of accounts.
  • Define and configure the chart of accounts.
  • Define and configure the financial dimensions and dimension sets.
  • Configure chart of accounts, main accounts, categories, templates, ledger account alias, and balance control.
  • Configure account structures and advanced rules.

Each main account requires at least one account structure used by the chart of accounts to define the valid combinations of main accounts and financial dimension values. A legal entity can have many account structures defined but the rule is that your main accounts cannot overlap between those structures linked to the same legal entity.

Before you set up a chart of accounts, you should plan what the chart of accounts is going to look like. The definition of a chart of accounts can be different across industries and can be different for customers.