Default dimension values

You can use values from master records, such as customer and vendor, as default values in new dimensions. When the new dimensions are created, the master record ID is entered in the dimension values for those master records. For example, when you create a new customer, the customer ID is entered in the customer dimension. When you create sales orders, invoices, or other documents that require a customer ID, the existing defaulting rules are used, and the customer ID is added to the document.

General ledger > Chart of accounts > Accounts > Financial dimension values

Customer Dimension Values

This default dimension feature is controlled by a setting in the Financial dimensions page. This setting is named Copy values to this dimension on each new DimensionName created, where DimensionName is the name of the dimension. By default, the feature is turned off. However, it can be turned on at any time.

Customer Dimension Values

If records already exist for the dimension, the master records are updated when you turn the feature on. However, existing documents and transactions aren't updated.