Main account validation options

There are four posting validation settings that can be defined for each account. Posting validation can be set for the following options:

  • Currency code
  • User ID
  • Posting types
  • Sales tax posting type for ledger posting group

Validation settings can be based on the following criteria:

  • Optional - The field is not validated at the time of posting. This is the default setting.
  • Required - The system verifies that the field is completed for posting. The value is not checked.
  • Specify single valid option - The system verifies that the field is completed for posting and that the value corresponds with the value specified in the account.
  • Specify multiple valid options - The system verifies that the field is completed with one of the values that are defined on the Validation list button. It enables the validation buttons such as User validation and Posting validation.


A company's finance department requires that only specific persons can post transactions that have the Sales tax posting type.

The solution for this is to set up the validation setting for Validate user to be Specify multiple valid options and Posting types to be Specify single valid option.

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Posting Validation